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Our Story

headshot of Kelly, owner of Cameleon Hardware

Hello! I’m Kelly, the Inventor and CEO of Cameleon Hardware.

I’m a mother, grandmother, photographer, and fused glass artist based out of the green Pacific Northwest. The idea of Cameleon Hardware started during a kitchen remodel a few years back. I wanted to create unique fused glass cabinet handles and knobs for my kitchen. Since fused glass is typically a flat medium, I began searching for something I could glue my artwork onto. Without any luck finding what I had in mind, I decided to bring my own vision to life.

After creating the unique hardware for my kitchen cabinets, I then realized that it wouldn’t be long until I wanted to remodel again, which meant that I would somehow have to dispose of my current cabinet knobs and handles. This is how the patented interchangeable Cameleon design was invented.

Our Promise

Are you tired of paying the maximum for products at the expense of the environment? Rest assured that when you purchase a Cameleon product, you can expect it to be built with the highest quality recycled materials, manufactured locally in the U.S., and wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

As a longtime Washington state resident, I’m constantly inspired by the green landscape and vast forestlands of the Pacific Northwest. My love for the great outdoors has inspired me to work hard to build an eco-friendly product.The core values of Cameleon Hardware are versatility, longevity and environmental-awareness, which translate into a product designed and created for a lifetime of use, made out of eco-friendly materials and sold at a fair price. These values stem from struggling as a single parent of 3 boys for 12 years and learning how to make a buck stretch. We use minimal, biodegradable packaging and recycle anything and everything to make our hardware. This effort supports my lifelong goal to counteract the negative environmental impacts of a throwaway society.

Additionally, 2% of all profits from the sale of Cameleon Hardware cabinet knobs and cabinet handles is donated to foster children, a cause that does incredible work to help our community thrive and is dear to my heart.

Thank you for using my product, sharing my values and helping me achieve my goals.