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DIY Projects

Anything you can imagine you can create with Cameleon Hardware custom knobs and handles! Click on the images below to see project details, and get inspired to try them at home!

Sunny Flowers

Cheerful fabric flowers add a seasonal pop of color to your décor.

Scrabble Pieces

Scrabble tiles create simple visual aids to help organize your things.

Fleur De Lis Finial

Nothing says classic beauty like the French lily. Perfect when paired with vintage furniture!


Let your imagination run wild with whimsical foamies to decorate your child’s dresser.

Fused Glass

Fused glass tile creates a modern look in your dining room or master bedroom.

Ceramic Tile

Match your remodel or add a touch of color to your kitchen with vintage ceramic tiles!

Christmas Trees

This was an easy project. I found a colorful Wooden Christmas tree and glued it on, for a quick and easy holiday knob.

Coffee Shop knobs

These were originally napkin rings, believe it or not. I took off the rings and glued them on. Easy Peezy!

Dorm room decor

It's time to decorate your dorm room! Show your support for your college by creating knobs out of key chains or other alumni items.

Jewelry Knobs are Cool

Here's the bling you have been looking for. Just add some jewelry to create some stunning knobs.

Lego Knobs

Fun and colorful Lego knobs are super simple to make for your Lego lover.

Sea Shells

Simple sea shells can make awesome knobs for your beach house.

Spooky Halloween Knobs

It's getting time to decorate for Halloween, and its so easy with Cameleon Hardware. Just replace your summer time knob designs with these scary eyes. These were made out of salt and pepper shakers, if you're not to scared to believe that.


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The kit allows me to add my own flavor, my own swag, and it looks really nice. Buttons, puzzle pieces, anything around the house that speaks to you can be added on the knobs, and it will look great! It’s fun, and really easy to use. I’ve found places all over the house to use it.

Kiara / As seen on DIY "I Want That!"