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DIY Customizable Handles

How to make custom cabinet hardware images

DIY Cabinet Hardware for your cabinets, cupboards or drawers. Easily create unique handles and knobs with Cameleon Hardware. Use every day items to create your custom hardware and quickly and inexpensively change the design in a matter of minutes.  Never buy hardware again.

Now you can create your own hardware using everyday items to personalize your home. Cameleon Hardware wants you to express yourself on your cabinets, cupboards and drawers.  This is the earth friendly way of changing your hardware for any reason or any season. Create fun hardware for every holiday or any event. Support your favorite team or share your love of your pets.  Show off your artistic abilities by displaying your art on a handle or your creative nature by displaying a knob from something found in nature. So Many Possibilities! 

These handles and knobs are made of recycled aluminum and recycled plastic and are packaged in biodegradable packaging. All the manufacturing and packaging is done in the USA.  

Silver Handle with hardware

What is included in each kit?

Your kit includes 4 Design plates for each aluminum knob, so you can create 4 unique designs for each knob.

You will also receive the special glue that will adhere anything  to the design plate, and the screws and the Allen wrench that will secure your hardware to your cupboard, cabinet or drawer.

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