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Scrabble tiles

Gluing scrabble tiles to handles to make a fun way to display the cabinet contents.

Lego knobs

A small acrylic square is used as the base to create Lego knobs.

Blue glass tiles

Blue glass square tiles were found in the home improvement store.

Glass tiles and glob handles

A layered handle made with glass tiles and glass globs found at the craft store was an easy way to make these colorful handles.

Decorative design knobs

These were found at the wood craft store to create a mirrored knob design.

Silver leaf knobs

This side table was transformed by painting and adding silver leaves cut from a necklace....yes a necklace.

Cool shell knobs

How easy is this to create a beach themed look to your home or furniture?

Coffee shop knobs

Found these napkin rings at the thrift store. I cut off the ring and glued them on to the knob base for fun coffee shop knobs.

Spring time knobs

Silk flowers made these knobs scream "spring is here" in this kitchen.

Wooden wave handle

This is a wavy design made of wood. Any art medium can be used to make knobs and handles. What is your art medium?

Sensory Aids

Adding Braille labels to help those with challenges.

Trains, trucks and airplanes

How about adding these wooden designs to create a themed boys room.

Poinsetta knobs

Add a little holiday by simply gluing silk Poinsetta's on the knobs.

Accent tile handle

Yes, you can even use accent tiles as your hadles and knobs. Easily matching any décor.

Inspirational knobs

This is a rock with letters engraved to inspire you. Just imagine the possibilities!

Combine accent tiles

2 thin gray ceramic accent tiles, sandwiched between a black accent tile to create this sleek handle.


Add seashells to create your beach theme.

Bamboo Handle

Glue on a section of bamboo for a zen feeling.

Happy Face knobs

This is 2 buttons used together to create these happy knobs.

Cross knob

No matter your religion, you can add your religious symbols to inspire your every day life.

Photos of your favorites.

Add small photo frames to display your favorite pets or people.

Thanksgiving decor

Fall leaves and a felt scrapbook sticker was all that was needed for these Thanksgiving handles.

4th of July knobs

Made from polymer clay by a teenager was just what the 4th of July party needed.

Painted canvas knobs

These small canvases can really show off your skills and personality. Paint a new design for every mood or holiday.

Jewelry knobs

How about using some of your colorful jewelry to update that dresser with cool blue knobs.

Bug knobs

These are simple wooden bugs found at Michaels craft store.

Visual Aids

Visual aids to help your little ones learn. This is a printed photo between 2 acrylic squares. Easy peasy.

Hot wheels knobs

Couldn't be any simpler than gluing on small cars to create a fun children's room.

Spiders for scariness

This is just a spider glued on to create a creepy addition to your Halloween décor.

Mickey Mouse knobs

Even patches can be used for knobs, like this Mickey Mouse patch.

A block knob

A baby block was cut in half to create these cute baby room knobs.

Sports team knobs

How about showing your team spirit by using key chain fobs to glue onto the knob base. The little hook was cut off and filed for safety.

Hello Kitty knobs

This was a little Hello Kitty doo-da I found at the craft store.

Crocheted flower

Create or purchase crocheted or silk flowers to add a colorful touch.

Halloween knobs

These eyeballs will add to your Halloween fun.

Holiday decor

This ornament makes a fun and festive knob.

Foamies are fun

Simply adding any of the many foamies available for a quick update to a dresser.

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