DIY Customizable Knobs

How to make custom cabinet hardware.jpg

Do it yourself Handles for your home is easy with Cameleon Hardware.  Look what you can do.

This is the earth friendly way of creating your personalized hardware.  These handles are made of recycled aluminum and recycled plastic and are interchangeable.  Use anything to create your custom hardware and quickly and inexpensively change the design, by replacing the patented Design Plate, with a new Design Plate.  Never buy hardware again.

The  handle is made of recycled, high grade aluminum that is anodized for color, rust resistant and scratch resistant.

What is included in each kit?

Your kit includes 2 Design plates for each aluminum knob, so you can create 2 unique designs for each knob.

You will also receive the special glue that will adhere anything  to the design plate, along with the screws and the Allen wrench that will secure your hardware to your cupboard, cabinet or drawer.