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Gold Cabinet Knobs - DIY Kits

1- Solid aluminum knob with anodizing for durability, longevity and rust resistance.

4- Interchangeable design plates to make 4 complete custom hardware designs.

2- Tubes of E6000 epoxy for gluing your decorative elements to the design plate.

1- Set screw for securing the design plate to the aluminum handle.

1- Allen wrench for tightening the set screws, so the design plate won't slide off.



  • Simply glue your idea to a design plate using a large dab of E600, then let it dry completely, usually 24 hours.
  • Slide the decorated design plate onto the knob by lining up the slots then slide until centered.
  • Attach the new knob onto your cabinet, cupboard or drawer using the screws included and a Philips screwdriver.


Economical  Never buy hardware again! Simply create a new design using a new design plate.

Durable  Made from anodized aluminum for durability and rust resistant.

Earth Conscious  We use recycled aluminum and recycled plastic to make Cameleon Hardware.

Eco-Friendly   We use biodegradable materials for our packaging and shipping.

Gold Cabinet Knob - DIY Customizable, Interchangeable Knob

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We are proud to say that we use recycled materials for the pulls, the design plate and the packaging.

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