DIY Gold Cabinet Knobs

  •  Solid aluminum knob(s), with gold anodizing for durability, longevity and rust resistance.
  •  4 interchangeable design plates. Create 4 different designs!
  •  Epoxy for gluing your one-o-kind designs to the Patented Design Plate.
  •  Set screws for securing the design plate to the aluminum handle
  •  Allen wrench for tightening the set screws.  


DIY Customizable, Interchangeable Knob - Gold Cabinet Knob

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  • Earth Conscious We are very proud to say that we use recycled aluminum for the pulls, and biodegradable materials for the packaging.

    Eco-Friendly We don't use special packaging. Your kits will be mailed to you in a USPS Priority Mail box. This keeps the cost down and continues our goal to reduce waste.

    Paying it Forward Did you know that 2% of profits from this sale is donated to Foster Children. Thank you!

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