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Tips for Choosing the Right Handles or Knobs for Your Cabinets

eco-friendly green home décor: cabinet handle

Designing or remodeling a place involves lots of decision-making, From the paint colors to the trim work and appliances, everything has to be considered carefully. A detail which is often overlooked is which handle or knob is going to go with your cabinets. Picking the right handles for your doors and cabinets involves several factors which you should think about before the decision is made.

That being said, here are some things to consider when buying custom knobs and handles:

1. Handles or knobs?

First things first! You have got to think about whether you want a handle or a knob.

2. Color

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to decide on which color suits your cabinet. Perhaps you want a clean, modern look – go for black or silver. Or maybe you want to match it with the color of the cabinet. You can also give your kitchen or room a fun look by going for bold colors like red, blue, or hot pink.

3. Handle shape

Handles come in different shapes. It’s usually long and bar-like, but there are those which are curved or designed to look like animals and objects.

4. Detail

Do you want something engraved on it or just the classic, sleek look will do? You can purchase a plain one, or with basic engraving, or with a more detailed design.

Now you’re ready to choose the best handles or knobs for your cabinets! Here at Cameleon Hardware, we can help you pick the right DIY custom handles or knobs for your cabinets. We offer customizable, interchangeable handles and knobs to create hardware for any reason or any season.

eco-friendly green home décor: blue cabinet knob

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