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Up-cycle Your Way To New Handles and Knobs

Can't find the right handle or knob for that new DIY project? Today's your lucky day! Up-cycle Your Way To New Handles and Knobs!

We're all about up-cycling here at Cameleon. That means we change the way you think about hardware. We don't want you to spend lots of money on things that last for a short time and end up in the trash.

Up-cycling is about using what you already have and turning it into something new. It's about being creative, having fun, and doing it in a way that's easy, eco-friendly, and saves you money.

See some examples of how you can up-cycle trinkets and other things in your home as a knob!

upcycle cabinet handles and knobs: eco-friendly, green home decor

A pair of blue tiles used as a knob

At Cameleon Hardware, we believe everyone should be able to express their creativity in a fun and cost-effective way. We're a one-stop-shop for all your hardware needs, with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials that are easy for any age to use.

upcycle cabinet handles and knobs: eco-friendly, green home decor

2 buttons used as a knob

Instead of buying new handles and knobs from the hardware store, turn everyday items into one-of-a-kind handles and knobs by using recycled materials such as tiles, jewelry, or toys. By upcycling these items instead of throwing them away, you can reduce your carbon footprint in a creative and money-saving way. And with our unique interchangeable system, you only need to buy handles and knobs once—they'll work with any door or drawer!

Take back control of your projects with our simple DIY instructions and minimal packaging made from biodegradable materials. We don't use fancy filler, so we can pass the savings on to you! Contact Cameleon Hardware for your upcycling needs today.


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